Once you've joined Barre Definition, I recommend that you begin with 'Gentle', which is a 30-Day Program. Then once you've completed this program and passed the Fitness Test, you can move onto 'Define' 30-Day Program, then 'Strong'. All-together this is a 90-Day Program that will allow you to build a solid foundation and understanding of fitness, help you get into a consistent habit of working out, and give you results you can see and feel. 

Once you've completed this 90-Day Program, you can move into our Continuity Program, which is a monthly challenge created for the intermediate-advanced level for you to continue achieving progress in your body and mind. 

The goal with your Barre Definition membership is that you're never left stranded on your own to figure out what to do for your workout. All of the programs are result-oriented, structured, educational, and motivating. With Barre Definition it's easy to stay consistent, hit your goals, build lean muscles, burn fat, improve flexibility, and feel the best you've ever felt. 

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