Yes! Definition: Your 90-Day Barre Program, is INCLUDED in your Barre Definition membership. This program was intentionally designed to produce real results. Over 90 days you will be challenging your mind and body through a variety of different workouts that will build lean muscles, Improve balance, burn fat and most Importantly, leave you feeling graceful and beautiful. 

This program is structured into three, 30-day Levels: Gentle, Define, and Strong. Each Level builds off of the next.

FAQ: Here are some common questions we receive about this program:

What kind of results can I expect? 
This 90 day Barre Program was designed for you to define your best self and to see that the possibilities within your body are endless. Students also report a achieving a lean, toned, flexible dancer body.

Where do you suggest I start? 
I suggest that everyone starts with Level 1: Gentle, to build a foundation of strength, flexibility, and form. If you are craving something more challenging, then skip to Week 4, complete the entire week to make sure you are ready for the next level. Once you complete Week 4, then move on to the next level. 

What equipment do I need? 
No equipment is required for Level 1. For Level 2 and 3, I suggest having 2-3 lb hand weights, 1 lb ankle weights, core sliders, latex booty bands, and yoga mat. I also recommend using a sturdy chair for balance (dining chairs work great!).

How much time do I need each day? Your PDF calendar notes the length of each so you can plan ahead. Level 1 is about 20-40 minutes each day, Level 2 and Level 3 are about 30-50 minutes each day. 

How much space do I need?
Just enough space for you to move around on your yoga mat! 

Do I need to have previous Barre or Ballet experience to do this program?
Nope! All fitness levels and experience welcome. I created the Ballet Technique library for you to learn and understand the Ballet-inspired technique and language of Barre. Form is foundational in Barre and will accelerate your results, as well as protect you from injury  

If I'm pregnant, can I do this program?
Be sure to get clearance from your medical professional before joining this program. This is not a pregnancy-specific course, however many of the workouts are low impact and have worked well for other pregnant members. Take breaks throughout the workouts, and make modifications as needed. 

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