Barre Definition combines powerful Cardio, with sculpting Barre & Pilates so that you can burn fat and build lean muscle. The classes are designed for women looking to increase strength, lose bulk, gain flexibility and lean muscle. Consistently using the app 3-5x/week, along with a healthy diet will help aid in your weightless journey. Barre Definition also has slimming recipes to help you stay inspired in the kitchen. 
Everyday you get a suggested daily workout plan, complete with warm-ups and cool-downs to keep you on track. In addition to this, there are additional programs for you to customize your experience and hit your goals. Our members find success in losing weight, toning up, improving flexibility, and getting stronger. 
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*If you’re experiencing chronic bloating, and stubborn weight gain, we suggest you look into Jacquelyn's gut health program called Heal My Gut, created to reset your gut, holistically lose weight and de-bloat without supplements or calorie counting.