Updating the payment details for your Barre Definition membership will be based on your method of payment:

Credit/Debit Card

To change or update the card used for your subscription, please follow these steps: 

1. Login to your account at barredefinition.com/login, tap on your profile avatar, then "Settings"

2. Once inside your account, tap on "Billing Info"

3. Then tap on "+ Add a card", and fill in your name, credit card number, and billing zip and press "Add Card" to save your information.

4. Then scroll down to "Active Subscriptions", and tap on the 3 dots to reveal the option "Update Payment Method"

5. Follow the prompts on the next page, and save the changes by tapping on "Update Subscription". Now your membership will be billed on this new card.  


Apple and Google Play

If you have subscribed to the Sweat app through Apple or Google Play, you will need to update your payment details directly via your Apple ID or Google Play account.

More information on updating your payment details can be found here for Apple and here for Google Play.



If you subscribed using PayPal, you will need to change the details within your PayPal account. This might involve updating the card that you have attached to the account.


If you need further guidance, please don't hesitate to reach out to our Support Team hello@barredefinition.com at anytime!